Course Guide

Hole 1 / 10

Index 1 / 2

389/376 Yards


The opening hole at Ballinascorney provides a taste of the challenge ahead. A tougher opening hole will be harder to find – with heavy rough and water both obstacles should you not find the fairway off the tee. The prevailing wind and the stream in front of the green make it a hard green to find in 2 and par here is an excellent score.


Hole 2 / 11

Index  17 / 18

290/260 Yards


The short par 4 second can catch the most accomplished golfer unaware. Position is everything as the sloping green can be difficult to reach with an errant tee-shot. Add out of bounds all down the right and behind the green and accuracy is at a premium. On the back nine the bigger hitters may find themselves having a go at reaching in one.


Hole 3 / 12

Index 11 / 12

440/440 Yards

Back down the hill, the drive from the 3rd tee-box leaves a daunting second shot, an opportunity to play over the Out of Bounds to reach the green, or the longer hitters may have a look at the corner. Most golfers will be laying up to the bottom of the hill and hoping to reach the elevated green with hopes of a par.

Hole 4 / 13

Index 7 / 8

278/278 Yards

The uphill fourth requires accuracy off the tee. A well placed drive will leave an approach with a two-tiered green and a deep bunker in front to ward off short approaches. Anything long can be snaffled up by the long grass or over the boundary wall.

Hole 5 / 14

Index 13/14

Tee your ball up for this long downhill par 3 and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Dublin City from the peak of the course. This tricky par 3 requires length and control to reach and hold the green where a group of trees and greenside bunker can catch anything errant. Par is always a good score here

Hole 6 / 15

Index 3 / 4

372 / 372 Yards


Continuing down the hill, the longer hitters may opt to leave the driver in the bag for fear of reaching the stream. Once at the foot of the hill a downhill shot of anything from 100-150 yards is required to reach a well-guarded green that slopes away from you. Below the hole is the best place to be on this quick and sloped putting surface.


Hole 7 / 16

Index 15 / 16

176 / 168 Yards

The last of the Par 3’s at Ballinascorney sees a slightly elevated tee-shot needing complete accuracy with the multi-level green protected by sand on both sides and out of bounds beyond the green. Finding the surface is only half the job as putting on this tiered green requires excellent pace and break control.


Hole 8 / 17

Index 9 / 10

457 / 445 Yards

A straightforward driving hole – this par 5 becomes tricky once you get within approach range. Big hitters will be deterred from going for it in 2 by the small stream that runs across the front of the green. Once on the putting surface – the break towards the water ensures putts don’t always move as the would seem.

Hole 9 / 18

Index 5 / 6

334 / 334 Yards

The last hole at Ballinascorney requires a drive that doesn’t move too far to the left of this sloping fairway, which could leave golfers with a difficult 2ndshot. Those lucky enough to find the fairway have the tough task of navigating the bunker that covers the entire front of this sloping green and only the best of shots will hold – a birdie here will send you to the 19th hole a happy golfer.