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Pascal combines the focus of Tiger, the tempo of Nicklaus and the craftiness of Himself!
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As you all know this Facebook page and the Club website strive to report the competitive events that transpire in Ballinscorney GC as accurately and as transparently as possible.

Unfortunately, we don't have Wayne Riley strolling around the golf course reporting back to the clubhouse. So I depend on the members to report on extraordinary and unexpected events, you know those events that you just cannot believe have happened!

Such an event occurred in the First Round of the Captains Prize. Playing on the Friday Pascal Duffy hit a beautiful drive on the 12th tee (no that's not it!). He skipped into the buggy (no that's not it!) and motored away up the fairway (no that's not it!). He launched himself out of the buggy like something from Baywatch (no that's not it!) and measured up his shot. Club selection was difficult, and Wayne Riley wasn't around, but in the end he plumped for his 11 wood (I've never even seen an 11 wood!).

With a slight wind into his face, a little from left to right, the rustle of the leaves in the high trees provided the perfect accompaniement to Pascal's practice swing.

He lined up his shot, a blackbird springing from it's nest in the ruined house could not disturb Pascals Tiger like focus as he drew the club into his backswing. Coming down through a perfectly squared impact and a follow through like a Shakespearen sonnet the Pro V1 (no messing with Pascals ball selection) soared through the South Dublin air, pitching on the front of the green and rolling with a soft left to right line directly into the centre of the hole (yes that's it!).

An eagle two! With an 11 wood (whatever that is!)!

Still didn't win the Captains Prize though!

Well done Pascal! A brilliant eagle, brilliantly executed.

Congratulations and apologies for not recording earlier!

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