Men’s Winter League
Winter league is coming, winter League is coming, ‘tis the season..........................winter league is coming!
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Well gentlemen you can un-bate your breadth!

Entry for the Winter League is now open!

To enter go to your app, Club V1 Members Hub. Click on the menu box, top right hand corner of your screen and then click on “Knockouts”. Plain sailing after that. Alternatively you can enter on the computer in the Men’s locker room if that works better for you.

Let it be known that Mick O’Boyle is active in the transfer window already! Apparently a massive offer of six, used only once, putters is on the table for Sean de Gleeson!

So lads get in early, if you’re not in you can’t win a blue t-shirt!

Seriously, this is a great way to extend your golfing year through the Winter so sign up as soon as you can!

For all of our new members. The Winter League will run from 6th November through to the end of February. Teams of five or six, depending on demand, will be drawn, hopefully we will have lots of teams. The best three or four scores, to be determined by the league administrators, each week will count towards a running total and a league table. The winners will be announced at end February. The scores will be taken from the normal weekly weekend competitions.

Normally, we all have a great winter, play some super golf and Mick O’Boyles team wins in the end!

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