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I have added below the wording of an email which your Management Committee has sent to a number of local TD's and Ministers seeking their support for the earliest re-opening of golf courses. Management felt that it was important for the club, indeed all golf clubs, to take an active part in moving our small part of the Covid agenda toward an emphasis on the health benefits of golf as a sport. Hopefully, this will gain some support from our local representatives. We would encourage members to take a similar approach with TD's and councillors in the coming days.

You will see that the text refers to a research paper. If anyone is interested in reading the paper please email the Secretary at and he will forward a soft copy.

"Dear Minister/TD ,

I am writing to you on behalf of the 350 members of Ballinasccorney Golf Club. We are located on Kilmashogue Lane in Rathfarnham within the Dublin Rathdown constituency and the majority of our members live within the locality and in neighbouring constituencies.

As with the vast majority of Irish citizens the members of our Club have played their part in living with Covid and living within the guidelines designed to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbours and friends. Golf in general has played its part in this regard. Like every other club, when allowed to open for play. we have implemented stringent measures to ensure that we can honour the objective of Living with Covid. We have invested in online time sheets and booking systems, well spaced time sheets to ensure social distancing, removal of on course equipment such as rakes etc. Golf is not simply a non contact sport, it is a no contact sport. Like many other Club Secretaries around the country, I am sure, I can tell you that we have no evidence of any of our members contacting the virus while playing on our golf course.

I have attached a paper written for an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf and the House of Commons in London.

There are a number of important points in this paper that I would draw your attention to:

"Overall, golf has the same health benefits as walking, cycling and running and, if anything, with the uncrowded nature of courses and strict protocols provided, risk of transmission during golf is lower than these other health enhancing physical activities".

“At the 2018 International Congress on Golf and Health hosted at the UK parliament, Professor Fiona Bull (Head of Physical Activity, WHO), Professor Charlie Foster (Principal Advisor to the Home Nations Chief Medial Officers) and Steve Brine, MP (Public Health Minister) and all participants were agreed that golf can provide very valuable and health enhancing physical activity for those aged from 4 to 104.”

“The sport provides on course green exercise for an average of 96 players spread over 18 holes, in an open space of typically 60 hectares. This extensive field of play and limited number of players creates a safe space for all participants when enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures are observed. Objectively, it should afford greater social distancing opportunity than the transportation activities of walking, running and cycling in urban environments.”

The uncrowded nature of golf courses resonates, particularly in our locality. We benefit from having Marlay Park, and of course Fernhill Gardens, on our doorstep but through the various lockdowns of the last year both Marlay, in particular, and Fernhill have seen a huge increase in footfall and indeed in traffic volumes in the surrounding road system. The potential for safe Social Distancing within our parks would be significantly improved if golf courses like our own, Stackstown, Grange, Kilmashogue and others were allowed to open. More space in use leads to better social distancing and it makes no difference if that space is in Marlay Park (or any other park) or a golf course. If golf courses are to remain closed then it logically follows that all amenity parks around the country should also be closed.

If you take the time to read the attached paper you will see considerably more expert comment on the health benefits of golf and you will, I believe, come to realise the benefits of allowing this sport to re-open.

A number of decisions will be made at government level in the coming two weeks with regard to the Living with Covid plan. On behalf of the members of Ballinascorney Golf Club, your constituents, I would urge you to impress on government to reflect on the no contact nature of golf, the steps taken by the sport to help clubs and golfers to participate in the Living with Covid Plan and the health benefits that will accrue to a significant cohort of our citizenry, benefits that will sustain us all through the winter months of 2021 and into 2022.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Hon Secretary"

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