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Fourth week of the Men's Winter League

Aston Villa stretch their lead at the top to 10 points as Jim Holland, Pat O'Dowd and Eamonn Harkin put together a brilliant 62 points. Real team bonding there lads!

The other Claret and Blues, West Ham, managed to compile 56 points as Ger Redmond, Marcus Murphy and Gerry Lawlor dovetailed beautifully.

Leeds United slipped into third place with a 200 points total as Mick O'Boyle re-discovered his putting gene for 21 points. An additional 36 points from David O'Sullivan and Joe (I never win anything at the weekends unless there is a barbecue) Griffin as the team found heights that their Premier League counterpars will only ever dream of!

Aston Villa 211
West Ham 201
Leeds United 200
Man City 196
Watford 193
Burnley 192
Brighton 186
Arsenal 164
Newcastle 164
Liverpool 163
Southampton 156
Chelsea 156
Leicester 150
Wolves 130


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